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For more than twenty years,Tatonka fhas stood for Bavarian mountain sports quality, and Andreas Schlechinger is already the second generation to run the family business based in Dasing near Augsburg. His father Winfried was inspired by Kevin Costner's Indian epic "Dances with Wolves" - in the language of the Lakota Indians, Tatonka means "buffalo".

However, Tatonka does not rely on buffalo leather as the basic material. Instead, state-of-the-art materials are used, which are constantly improved by innovative product developers. The result is a wide range of articles specially adapted to user needs, which can score points especially with price-conscious customers.

Versatile assortment

Tatonka's range includes an extensive selection of useful accessories such as wash bags, pack bags and backpack covers, as well as a very versatile selection of luggage. Tatonka has become known for its bags, travel carry-ons and backpacks over the last 20 years and stands out for its ingenious detail solutions and simple, timeless design. The company also offers cookware, children's backpacks and clothing; in total, the Tatonka collection includes around 2,000 outdoor and leisure products.

The luggage professionals deliver robust and durable quality that proves itself especially on long journeys where reliable material is important. Time and again, Tatonka manages to set new trends on the market and show the competition that high quality standards can also be implemented at an attractive price level.

High social responsibility

The company from near Augsburg, Germany proves that this practice is not at the expense of the employees: Tatonka attaches great importance to fair working conditions according to European standards in the manufacture of its products. As part of the "Open Factory" project, the Tatonka production facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, can even be visited.

Whether in Dasing, Bavaria, or in Vietnam: Tatonka attaches great importance to the training of its employees and close and good internal cooperation. The Schechingers take care of their company family of around 1000 people and are aware of the high value of the "human resource".

Tatonka at Bergzeit

Tatonka is represented in the Bergzeit range with a large selection of luggage and accessories. The trekking backpacks in the Yukon series, which have recently been completely redesigned, are a highlight. Their extra-large flap allows quick and easy access to the contents and is a particularly useful feature when travelling.

The legendary Barrel series is considered a particularly robust travel companion with a very long service life. The material mix of Tarpaulin and Textreme makes the travel bags almost indestructible - with six different sizes, there is guaranteed to be the right bag for every requirement and purpose.

In addition to clever luggage solutions, outdoor enthusiasts will also find what they are looking for in tents. Beginners in particular will find hard-wearing material at attractive prices. Whether it's the tunnel tents of the Alaska series or the classic dome tent Mountain Dome: where the competition offers entry-level tents in the one-man class, Tatonka offers full-grown two- and three-man tents.

Outreach to the Lakota Sioux

Moreover, "Tatonka" is not just an empty phrase for the company. Since 2003, Dasingen has supported the aid project "Tatanka Oyate" (Buffalo Nation), which aims to protect the language and identity of the Lakota Sioux. Since the foundation of the association, it has already been possible to implement textbooks, organise language camps in Oglala (South Dakota) and build a school building in the Lakota Circle Village. Tatonka not only shines as a competent outdoor outfitter, but is also aware of its name heritage. Keep it up, Tatonka!

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