100% vegan produced

Products labelled with "100% vegan" entirely dispense with the use of animals or animal ingredient origins (such as leather or down).

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The bluesign certificate guarantees sustainable production of clothing. Criterias are energy efficiency, low water and air pollution and pollutant levels.

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BPA-free outdoor products

This product is free of Bisphenol A (BPA). This means that no softeners/plastizers have reached foods or beverages.

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Down Codex® of Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment only uses high-quality goose down from animal friendly farming practices. The origin of the down is transparent and fully traceable.

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Fair Wear

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent organization that verifies working conditions and salary in the manufacture of clothing. This ensures fair clothing.

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Fairtrade certification

Fairtrade certified living and working conditions and remuneration in the production of food in developing countries.

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Naturtextil-GOTS Cerfifcate

Naturtextil IVN GOTS guarantees a minimum standard for organic textiles: 70% must come from natural fibers from organic farming or livestock.

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Green Shape

The Vaude Green Shape award guarantees eco-friendly and sustainable products. With this label, Vaude guarantees caring working conditions.

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my climate

The myclimate label calculates the CO2-climate balance. On this basis, compensation will be calculated in order to make the manufacturing process carbon neutral.

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Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is produced without the use of chemicals such as artificial fertilizers or pesticides. This reduces the residues in clothing and the environment.

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pfc free material

PFCs (per-fluorocarbons) are among other things used for waterproofing. They accumulate in water, soil and organisms and are of concern for human health and environment.

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pvc free material

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) contains elastic material softener (phthalates). These phthalates are  classified as toxic and harmful.

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RDS certificate

The Responsible Down Standard guarantees the origin of down from ethically correct certified farms.

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Recycled products are manufactured from recycled materials. This protects resources. Many manufacturers use for their own label and descriptions.

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Repreve is a high-quality polyester fibre, which is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The origin of the materials has been certified.

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Down products derive from sound animal welfare

Down deriving from sound animal welfare means the manufacturer has given the down a certified, independent seal that is documented according to strict criterias.

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