Kinetic Rewind Complete Set

  • One touch carabiner
  • KeyLock nose
  • Automatic locking
Via Ferrata Set
  • Abrasion-proof energy absorber
  • Elastic safety branches
Specific activity
Via Ferrata
DIN / CE Standards
EN 958: 2017 (new standard)
Breaking load open
16.00 kN
Load capacity length
30.00 kN
Bergzeit Tip
Tip for beginners
Breaking load crosswise
9.00 kN
Weight (piece)
545.00 g


<p>The Kinetic Rewind Via Ferrata set from Camp is a reliable, light Via Ferrata set with comfortable handling - this is ensured by the elastic safety arms and the compact carabiners, model Hercules. For the new season, Camp has updated the color of the set, but the comfortable handling remains.</p><p>The safety arms with Rewind System are 85 cm long and thus allow a body-hugging operation. However, if you need more space, they expand to a length of 120 cm (and naturally contract again). Add to this the compact, especially break-proof carabiners with 23 mm snap opening and one-hand operation and the light, compact strap fall arrester and you have the lightweight Kinetic Rewind Via Ferrata set.</p>
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