Sport Alpha Captive Quickdraw

Specific activity
Sport Climbing
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Material Composition
rope carabiner: breaking load open
8.00 kN
Breaking load open
9.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load length
24.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load crosswise
8.00 kN
Load capacity length
22.00 kN
Breaking load crosswise
9.00 kN
13.00 cm
Weight (piece)
113.00 g
Made in Europe


<p>Grivel's Sport Alpha Captive Quickdraw is a robust, easy-to-handle sport climbing draw that offers even more safety thanks to the Alpha Captive carabiners on the top.</p><p>This is a carabiner with anti-twist protection, which offers enough room to move on the sling, but still prevents the karabiner from moving completely crosswise on the hook, thus helping to avoid transverse loads. Usually, only the rope-sided carabiners are equipped with twist protection or a tightly sewn sling loop.</p><p>On the rope side, a Beta karabiner with a curved catch provides for pleasant clipping, and the two are connected by a narrow/wide sling with great grip.</p>
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