Capture Via Ferrata Kit

Specific activity
Via Ferrata
  • One touch carabiner
  • KeyLock nose
  • Automatic locking
Via Ferrata Set
  • Energy absorber
  • Abrasion-proof energy absorber
  • Elastic safety branches
  • Rest loop on the energy absorber
DIN / CE Standards
EN 958: 2017 (new standard)
Weight (piece)
545.00 g


<p>The Capture Via Ferrata Kit from Ocun boasts comfortable-to-use carabiners, elastic catch arms and a centrally located latching loop.</p><p>Equipped with generous carabiners, they can be operated with one hand and lock automatically after release. The two harmonica arms stretch from 50 to 100 cm and have been tested for their load capacity (15 kN) according to the latest standards in 50,000 cycles.</p><p>This makes the Capture Via Ferrata Kit works best for newcomers to Via Ferrata or anyone looking for a simple but functional set.</p>
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