Sea to Summit
Barrier Face Mask

Suitable for
General Material Properties
  • Quick Drying
  • Fast wicking
  • Strechy
  • Abrasion resistant
10.50 cm
Weight (piece)
7.10 g
12.00 cm
12.00 cm
Main material
100% polyester
Sea to Summit


<p>The Barrier Face Mask from Sea to Summit is available in three sizes and three colours - suitable for the whole family. Its 50D polyester knit fabric is highly stretchable to fit the shape of your face, breathable against your skin and wonderfully lightweight at just 10g. A pre-shaped profile provides a lot of comforts and the stitched pattern also looks great.</p><p>The mouth-nose mask is not a medical device, not certified and therefore not personal protective equipment. However, it is perfect for everyday use when you want to reduce hand-face contact and prevent droplet infection.</p><p>After use, the mask can be washed at 60°C, it dries in no time and is quickly ready for use again.</p><p>Note: Mouth-nose masks are excluded from any form of return or exchange for hygienic reasons!</p><p>The Barrier Face Mask comes in three different sizes:</p><p>EXTRA SMALL is suitable for delicate children's faces.</p><p>SMALL is cut for small women's faces</p><p>REGULAR is made for average men's faces</p><p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Notes on correct use:</span></p><p>Since you need to grab your face when putting on the mask, make sure you wash or disinfect your hands well beforehand.</p><p>The mask is fastened securely behind the ears with its elastic straps. It must fit snugly over the nose and close under the chin.</p><p>Do not touch the mask with your hands while wearing it or when removing it.</p><p>After removing the mask, wash or disinfect your hands well.</p>
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