Alpine Plume Captive Quickdraw

Specific activity
Alpine Climbing
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Material Composition
rope carabiner: breaking load open
7.00 kN
Breaking load open
7.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load length
20.00 kN
rope carabiner: breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
Load capacity length
22.00 kN
Breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
10.00 cm
Weight (piece)
69.00 g
Made in Europe


<p>Grivel's Alpine Plume Captive Quickdraw is a lightweight, classic Alpine draw with Plume Captive carabiner and a lightweight Dyneema® sling. In combination, the good piece weighs less than 70 g, which makes it perfect for long alpine tours.</p><p>The quickdraw combines a classic Plume wire gate on the rope side with a Plume Captive carabiner on the wall side. This is a karabiner with twist protection, which offers enough room to move on the sling, but still prevents the carabiner on the bolt from cross-loading thus helping to avoid transverse loads. Normally only the rope-sided carabiners are equipped with twist protection or a tightly sewn sling loop.</p>
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