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When you think of Scarpa, you think of mountain boots. Like only a few other brands, the tradition-rich company from Asolo in northern Italy stands for decades of tradition in manufacturing high-quality and durable mountain boots.

Today, the brand is known for sophisticated mountain and climbing shoes and high-quality ski touring, trekking, hiking, trail running, access, children’s and lifestyle shoes. A passion for the outdoors, quality awareness and a love of nature – these were the ingredients for Scarpa’s success story. What began in 1938 as a small shoe factory in the idyllic mountain village of Asolo has developed over time into an internationally appreciated outdoor brand.

From the origins to a global company

The company expanded, while in the hands of 17 shoemakers, 50-60 pairs of shoes were produced daily. Today, the company employs about 200 people at its headquarters in Italy and about 40 suppliers in external workshops that make, among other things, lasts, soles, eyelets or laces. The company now has around 800 employees worldwide, relies on company-owned production facilities in Italy, Europe and the Far East and is still family-owned today. SCARPA has always maintained the spirit of a small factory – with love and passion for footwear. 

Scarpa is a company that knows how to listen, whether it be athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers or newcomers who are just discovering a new passion for themselves. Everyone has a goal. Scarpa aims to develop shoes that will bring you closer to your personal purpose. No Place Too Far.

Scarpa: footwear for all levels of alpine sports

Scarpa is one of the few brands of mountaineering footwear that covers all areas of mountaineering: climbing, mountaineering, trail running, hiking, trekking and approaches. In addition to the expedition footwear of the Phantom range, not only technical mountain boots of the Ribelle series and classic hiking shoe models such as the Mojito Trail can be found, but also the ZG range. In contrast to the F1 family and the Maestrale series, ultra-light racing boots such as the Alien will be added to the ski touring range. Scarpa also scores points in the climbing category with its wide range of products. The climbing shoes include a wide range of different last shapes, including the women’s climbing shoe models specially designed for the female foot shape.

Versatile range for a versatile range of sports

Scarpa can look back on a long list of prominent mountaineers equipped with mountain boots from Asolo – including the former extreme mountaineer Ueli Steck, “The Swiss Machine”. In addition, the brand fits a colourful mix of athletes – from expedition experts such as Michi Wärthl to young climbing talents such as Monika Retschy and ski touring experts such as Josef “Seppi” Rohrmoser.

The brand portfolio is aligned with this. Mountain boots such as the Triolet, heavy expedition mountain boots such as the Phantom series or ultra-light ski touring racing boots such as the Alien are joined by classic mountain boots such as the Marmolad.

Mojito – the classic lifestyle shoe from Scarpa

When product designer and Scarpa co-owner Christina Parisotto appeared at a meeting over 10 years ago with a new creation of her own, she had no idea at the time that her new design would become a classic among Scarpa’s lifestyle shoes and that today it would be impossible to imagine the range without it. In the meantime, the classic Thejito has been joined by other versions, such as the Mojito Canvas (now for kids)Mojito Summer or, for the colder seasons, a half-height version with a Gore-Tex membrane. Hardly any other shoe is available in as many colours as the Mojito (now in GTX version). Whether in fresh, flashy colours or relatively subdued tones – the Mojito goes with every casual look.

Ribelle-Series: The “Next Big Thing” from Scarpa

Ueli Steck, who died in a fatal accident in the Himalayas in 2017, and the Italian expedition mountaineer Hervé Barmasse, Scarpa, owe developing a new series of shoes – the Ribelle series. The different Ribelle models are aimed at mountaineers who like to go a little faster and are looking for a shoe that is perfectly suited to the demands of the mountain.

The Ribelles are also at the forefront of design and will likely shape Scarpa’s market strategy in the coming years. There are:

  • The Ribelle OD for alpine touring und trekking
  • The Ribelle Lite OD for mountaineering
  • The Ribelle Tech OD for sporty, ambitious alpine routes and
  • The Ribelle S OD for speed hikers

With trail running shoes such as the Gecko Air Flip, the Atom SL, the Spin or the Proton GTX, the Italians have also successfully conquered the trail running market and play an increasingly important role in this sector alongside the established running shoe brands.

Scarpa: Footwear for all kinds of mountain sports

Scarpa is one of the few brands of mountaineering footwear that really covers all areas of mountain sports: climbing, mountaineering, trail running, hiking, trekking. Not to mention stylish everyday or travel shoes like the Mojito, which can be worn to the office and the city. If Scarpa continues as before, the company will remain one of the innovation engines of the industry.

Scarpa: sustainable developments

Scarpa focuses more strongly on sustainable development with the Mojito than with any of its previous footwear. Overall, the brand pursues the goal of making the entire product life cycle ecologically sustainable. Starting with the extraction of raw materials to the recycling of products. In addition, Scarpa produces half of its products in Italy to minimise logistics processes and save CO2 emissions. The Italians are increasingly working with sustainable partners who are committed to developing sustainable materials, such as Pebax Rnew. Scarpa's commitment to sustainability is currently very evident in the Mojito Bio, which is 100% biodegradable.

Brand check – Scarpa

    • Scarpa … was founded in 1938 in Asolo, northern Italy.
    • Primarily known for … functional, high-quality mountain and climbing shoes.
    • Well-known athletes of this brand are … Michi Wohlleben, Chris and Chiara Hanke.
    • “Classics” are … the Mojito, Mescalito and the Charmoz HD.

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