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How a reptile gets wings

Evolution is a basic law of life, only those who develop, adapt, find new ways, will survive and make the best of their possibilities. Consciously or unconsciously this was also clear to Archaeopteryx Lithograpica. Therefore it was the first lizard to develop wings in order to conquer the air. Such a spirit of innovation also inspired the company founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia as Rock Solid. The skeleton of the flying lizard became the brand’s new logo and from 1992 the company went outwards with the name Arc’teryx. Canada’s native mountains have always been a place for dreams, but also a place that makes high demands on people and equipment. For the product developers and designers of Arc’teryx, this proximity to the mountains naturally offers the best opportunities to work on clever, functional products. From the very beginning, they have seen themselves as a group of like-minded people who meet in the Design Centre to find simple solutions to complex problems.

The bird spreads its wings

One of the first products was a hot laminated climbing harness. It was an absolute novelty at that time and a technique on which the super-light climbing harnesses of the Canadians are still based today. Being close to the mountains not only makes you aware of what you really need but also offers the perfect opportunity to try out new ideas and prototypes immediately.
Arc’teryx has developed from a pure climbing equipment supplier to a brand that offers everything from clothing and equipment for the most difficult expeditions to stylish and functional parts for everyday use. As the seasons quickly become blurred in the Canadian mountains, Arc’teryx has the right clothing in its range both summer and winter. Ski touring is just as much a part of it as hiking tours, trail running and mountaineering. And of course, the Canadians remain true to their roots and equip you with everything you need for sport, alpine or ice climbing.

Optimism as the driving force

One of Arc’teryx’s declared aims is to reconnect man with the experience of nature. “Inspire optimism” is what Canadians call it and by that they mean overcoming boundaries to bring people back to nature. The great outdoors, the world out there, is a place where you can find new perspectives, grow personally and meet like-minded people. Arc’teryx would like to contribute with its range of products to help us find our way to this place and enjoy the time there to the full.
No matter how harsh the conditions, how changeable the weather – every day is a good day to spend in nature. Minimalism is central to the design philosophy of the Canadians. Design may sound a little too much like art, but in functional design form follows function. How much is enough? What can be left out? How does good become great? Good design is the result of instinct, discipline and insight. Good design works in all weathers, does not restrict your freedom of movement, improves your outdoor experience and is timelessly elegant. It is precisely this type of design that has become the hallmark of Arc’teryx.

Design, experience and doing the right thing

Apart from the design, there are two other pillars on which Arc’teryx bases its DNA: Doing the right thing and experience. Doing the right thing is a question that Arc’teryx asks itself every time it makes a decision. Is the brand using the right materials? Does it work correctly and with the right people? Does the team behave correctly towards society, nature and neighbours? Doing the right thing refers to the quality, but also to the sustainability of the products and also emphasises the company’s social responsibility.

In addition to its own knowledge when trying out the products, Arc’teryx naturally also relies on the experience of athletes, guides, mountain guides and the participants in self-organised events. After all, what sounds good in theory must also prove itself in practice. Taken together, these three pillars mean that you can be sure that Arc’terx uses only the best materials in the most technically advanced way with the greatest possible care. If every detail is right, the result will be products that can withstand the most extreme loads, where nothing is too much and which are also light, strong and absolutely efficient.

There is always a way

Evolution is a highly optimistic concept. Whoever thinks about how to make good into better, how to make light into lighter, how to make robust into more robust, does not rest on their laurels. It may sound absurd for a lizard to suddenly want to fly – and yet it did. That is why Arc’teryx is always looking for a way forward. Adaptation, further development and creation are essential elements in the thinking of Canadians, because it is under the most difficult conditions that the best solutions are found. The relationship with nature is an integral part of this – only if you get involved with it will you understand it, only those who understand it will learn from it.

Brand check Arc’teryx:

• Arc’teryx… founded in 1989 as Rock Solid in North Vancouver, belongs to the Finnish group Amer Sports
• Especially known for… First-class functional clothing for the most extreme challenges
• Well known athletes of this brand are... Austin Ross (skiing), Jesse Huey (alpine climbing), Adam Campbell (trail running) and many more.
• A classic… the Alpha SV-Jacket
• Sustainability: Arc’teryx is a bluesign system partner, uses RDS-certified down, continues to manufacture its top products in Canada and cooperates with Ocean Wise

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