Climbing Skin Accessories (29 articles)

Monodosis Wax Rubber impact claw Glue Patch (10 patches) Skin Tip Loop Kit Cord Tip Loop Kit Impact claw made of rubber End Hook + Rivets Set Skins End Hook "shark" Skins Z-Hook for Click Lock System Set of Rivets (100 pairs) Tailclip Varioclip for Skins Love Gloves Climbing Skins Pouches Hanging Z-Hook Climbing Skins Pouch Bent Hanger No. 41 Skin Hanger Hot Melt Pads 6 Pack Skins Transport Bag with Fleece Side Butterfly Endhooks for Top Fix (1 pair+rivets) Ski Skin Hanger Quicktex adhesive pads ACE Skin Hangers Glueing Try & Roll Cleaning Spray for Climbing Skins Skinny Ski Touring Skins Bag Transfertape 4m Transfertape Smart Glue