Black Diamond
Spot 400-R Headlamp

Suitable for
  • Battery indicator
  • Red light
  • Dimming function
  • Switch-on
  • Various lighting modes
  • Blinking light
Luminosity max
400 lm
Battery life max.
200 h
Energy type
  • Li.-ion battery
  • USB-Port
Black Diamond


<p>The Spot Spot 400-R headlamp from Black Diamond has a powerful 400 lumens, packed into a super-compact housing, so that the headlamp fits easily into any backpack. Of course, it comes with various light modes: Flashing light, a dimming function, a precise battery level indicator, a memory mode and a red light for the night.</p><p>Thanks to a dual switch, it is easy to operate and with the PowerTap™ technology, it can be raised to maximum power with just one tap. Meanwhile, it can run for up to 200 hours on its lowest setting. A power lock prevents unintentional start-up in the backpack. It also provides close-range illumination for cooking, reading or sorting gear, for example. With all this, the Spot 400-R weighs only a few grams including the battery - so it won't be a burden when the motivation to climb is greater than the daylight lasts, during the after-work round on the cross-country ski trail, while hiking or running.</p><p>It has an IP76 certified housing.</p>
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